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About Brittany – Brittany Byrnes

About Brittany

Brittany Byrnes is a versatile performer with a passion for all aspects of the Arts. A familiar face on Australian television, Brittany grew up in the industry from the age of 7, and over time she carved a name for herself as one of Australia’s most experienced child actors. Today, she brings a wealth of experience to every role she undertakes, and boasts a varied and versatile resume. Most well known for her work on Disney’s H2O: Just Add Water, she has worked on countless Australian film and television projects and worked with the likes of Chrostopher Lloyd, Geoffrey Rush, Judy Davis, Vince Colosimo, and Sigrid Thornton.

Brittany is also an accomplished dancer, choreographer and judge and has received countless accolades Nationally and world-wide for her work with Bradshaw Dance and Cheer. Australia’s premiere international choreographer and judge, Brittany now travels extensively with dance and is currently a judge on the prestigious Dance Worlds panel.

Very much at home in the dance studio, Brittany is proud to play a part in the development of young Australian dancers. She loves working closely with dancers of all ages and coaching is where she has found many of her proudest achievements.

Each year Brittany sets aside time to visit her second family, the children of Home Hug orphanage in rural Thailand. For over 5 years Brittany has dedicated her time to them; she has developed a dance therapy program for the children there who live with HIV as well as a travelling dance education program which she takes to schools across North East Thailand and Laos, bringing HIV awareness and understanding to children and teens. Brittany is her happiest at the orphanage when she is surrounded by her favourite little people. These children and many more are primarily supported by Hands Across the Water, see the link under Charity to donate and help them support vulnerable children in Thailand.

Brittany is a passionate creative person first and foremost, and is constantly looking for avenues to challenge her creativity. Rarely in one place for long, she is constantly busy and spreads herself across all aspects of the entertainment industry both locally and internationally.

Please visit Brittany on social media to keep up to date with her new and current projects.


With a professional career already spanning over 20 years, Brittany Byrnes grew up working in the Australian television industry from a young age. Getting her start on the hit family film Babe at just 7 years old, she was lucky to spend her childhood on many major film and television sets across Australia and Europe, and grew up learning her craft from some of the industry’s great directors.

Brittany received a Logie nomination for ‘Best New Talent’ at the age of 10 after her strong performance in the Bryan Brown thriller Twisted Tales. A weekly fixture on children’s television for many years, Brittany played the lead characters on series’ The Search for Treasure Island and Escape of The Artful Dodger, and her strong accent work has also seen her cast in numerous American productions including US series BeastMaster and the cult classic Halloween movie When Good Gould Go Bad starring Christopher Lloyd.

A versatile performer, Brittany has also been nominated for two AFI Awards –  the Young Actors Award (at the age of 17) and Best Supporting Actress in a Series for her work as the villain Charlotte, in the popular Disney series H2O: Just Add Water. This role has earned Brittany international recognition and she is still regularly contacted by preteen girls around the globe due to her association with this well-loved show.

Brittany is represented by Stephen Harmon at the X Division.

For a full list of credits, visit Brittany on IMDB.


One of Australia’s leading dance choreographers and trainers, Brittany has enjoyed huge international success as an athlete, choreographer and now as a judge.

Resident coach at Sydney’s Bradshaw Dance and Cheer, Brittany’s students have won countless National titles and have been recognized at many high level events internationally. Brittany was coach of Australia’s first ever World medalists for dance, and has also won three Worlds medals as a dancer. Bradshaw are proudly still the only Australian team to medal at ICU World Cheerleading Championships, and across ICU and USASF they have amassed 7 medals. Brittany is proud to be part of this renowned dance legacy.

An in-demand coach, Brittany’s freelance work regularly takes her around Australia. While she loves working closely with her students at Bradshaw, she now also offers competitive routine choreography, cleaning, and skills/technique clinics and has worked with some of the leading All Star teams in the country.

Brittany is part of the core judging panel for Dance and Cheer Events pty ltd which see’s her judging dance in every Australian state. She is proud to be invited to judge internationally, including CCA China, and the prestigious USASF Dance Worlds (USA).

Click here for Brittany’s full bio

and dance resume 


For over 5 years Brittany has volunteered at Home Hug orphanage in rural Thailand. First visiting the children’s home with Hands Across The Water in 2010, she developed a very close relationship with the staff and children – in particular the founder of Home Hug/ Suthasinee Noiin Foundation, Mae Thiew.

Many of the children at Home Hug live with HIV/AIDS and over time Brittany capitalized on the kids’ love of hip hop and breakdance and soon developed a dance therapy program to build strength and stamina, and to bring many important elements into the lives of the children: pride in their skill development, self confidence, and the wonderful feeling of belonging to a team.

The dance program has a representative team who performed in Bangkok for the Thai Department of Health, in a display which proved just how strong HIV positive children really are.

Contact Brittany to support her program or please visit Hands Across the Water.

Brittany and her ‘Dek Dek School of Dance’ are generously supported by Australian Group Travel

Click here  for more information on the ‘Dek Dek School of Dance’